Working papers 2021

1.  Name of publication: ERF Working Papers Series

Date of publication: September 2020

Type of publication: Working paper

Title:  Export diversification and sophistication and industrial policy in Tunisia

Authors:  Sofiane Ghali and Mustapha Kamel Nabli

Affiliation of authors: ESSECT-University of Tunis, LARIME, and ERF; North Africa Bureau of Economic Studies

JEL-Classification:  F14, O25, 030, L50

Keywords: Industrial policy, exports, manufacturing, resource-based, horizontal, vertical,
diversification, sophistication, innovation, Tunisia.

2.  Name of publication: ERF

Date of publication: November 2020

Type of publication: Working paper

TitleCO2 Emissions, Environmental Provisions and Global Value Chains in MENA Countries

Authors:  Insaf Guedidi and Leila Baghdadi

Affiliation of authors: Universit√© de Tunis, ESSECT, DEFI, WTO Chair, Tunis, Tunisia. 

JEL-Classification: F15; F18

Keywords: CO2 emissions, Global Value Chains, Environmental Provisions, Middle East and North Africa