Working papers

Working papers 2015

1.  Name of publication:  International Economics  Date of publication: 2015 Type of publication: peer-reviewed journal Title: The role of sectoral FDI in promoting agricultural production and improving food security...

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Working papers 2017

1.  Name of publication: Not publishedDate of publication: November 2016Type of publication: Working paper Title: Quantity Formulation vs. Price Formulation and Assessment of the Minimum Price Policy in the Tunisian Dairy Sector...

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Working papers 2018

Name of publication: Not publishedDate of publication: January 2018Type of publication: Working paper Title: Stochastic Dynamic Game modelling and Risk Adverse Behaviour of Hydro/thermal Electrical Operators under environmental Policies ...

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Working papers 2020

1.  Name of publication: Economic Research Forum Working PaperDate of publication: July 2020Type of publication: Working paper Title:  CO2 Emissions, Environmental Provisions and Global Value Chains: The Middle East and North Africa in a...

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Working papers 2021

1.  Name of publication: ERF Working Papers Series Date of publication: September 2020 Type of publication: Working paper Title:  Export diversification and sophistication and industrial policy in Tunisia Authors:  Sofiane Ghali and...

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