Our aim is to encourage and contribute to research on international trade. Our research interests include trade facilitation, impact of trade on the environment, global value chains and effects of trade liberalization on the labor market as well as multilateral and bilateral negotiations. Researchers will use a rich, Tunisian firm- level database to assess the effects of trade liberalization on firm’s dynamics. They will also develop new databases at a national level on trade facilitation and global value chains.

In sum, the WCP seeks to promote research focused on extending specialized knowledge and explaining the policy relevance of existing research by:

(i) produce high quality papers together, ideally, with WTO researchers to be published in top ranked journals.

(ii) participate in different conferences specialized in international trade, as a means of spreading research findings.

(iii) create a community of international trade economists in Tunisia, the Maghreb as well as the broader Middle East and North Africa region, to build their capacities and to foster cooperation and joint projects.


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