Policy Briefs

1.  Name of publication: L’economiste Maghrebin n°800

Date of publication: 12 Août au 2 Septembre 2020

Type of publication: Policy Brief

Title: La Zone de Libre-Echange Continentale Africaine: Un tremplin pour la diversification des exportations de la Tunisie?

Authors: Leila Baghdadi and Amal Medini

Affiliation of authors: WTO Chair Holder, University of Tunis

2.  Name of publication: Economic Research Forum

Date of publication: December 2020

Type of publication: Policy Brief

Title: Tunisia’s experiences with industrial policy and export diversification

Authors: Sofiane Ghali and Mustapha Kamel Nabli

Affiliation of authors: ESSECT-University of Tunis, LARIME, and ERF; North Africa Bureau of Economic Studies