International Political Economy Minor : Description

TBS’s International Political Economy [IPE] degree is designed for students who are interested in the global structures, institutions and processes that affect all states and economies. The minor is designed around the idea that many issues on the international front are impossible to fully understand without a strong background in both international economics and international politics. Students thus focus on both the traditional methods of analyzing aspects of economy – such as formal modeling, comparative methods, and statistical techniques – along with innovative ways of examining the impact of various historical and contemporary political factors on domestic and global economies. This combination of study allows students to develop a comprehensive understanding of a wide variety of issues, including trade, distribution of natural resources, development, policy, and legislation in countries ranging from the “Global North” to “Global South”.

The IPE minor prepares TBS students for global citizenship and leadership by enhancing their understanding of the world around them. Students in this interdisciplinary minor develop expertise in the central theories, concepts and empirical issues related to international political economy. As an IPE minor, you will study and learn about international economics, business, trade and development, international political economy, global politics, international institutions and law, as well as international development. You will study specific geographic regions and investigate the ways in which they are shaped by these global processes. You will also develop transferable skills, including academic research and writing, policy report analysis and writing, as well asacute analytical and critical thinking skills.

You will study with TBS professors as well as meet with key actors from different fields of policy-making, academia, civil society and business who will give you a more practice oriented perspective of the concepts, theories and data that you learn about in class.

Once you graduate with an IPE Minor from TBS you will be eligible for traditional MA programs such as Business Analytics, Finance etc. open to business students but also MA programs in International Business, International Economics, International Relations, International Political Economy and Global Affairs as well as job and internship opportunities in the fields of international business, consulting firms, multinationals, investment funds, financial institutions, international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), government and international institutions.