Working papers 2020

1.  Name of publication: Economic Research Forum Working Paper
Date of publication: July 2020
Type of publication: Working paper

Title:  CO2 Emissions, Environmental Provisions and Global Value Chains: The Middle East and North Africa in a Global Context

Authors:  Insaf Guedidi and Leila Baghdadi

Affiliation of authors: WTO Chair-University of Tunis

JEL-Classification: F15, F18

Keywords: CO2 emissions, Global Value Chains, Environmental Provisions, panel data, gravity model, Middle East and North Africa

2.  Name of publication: World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 9145
Date of publication: February 2020
Type of publication: Working paper

TitleThe Dynamics of High-Growth Firms Evidence from Tunisia 

Authors:  Marcio Cruz; Leila Baghdadi and  Hassen Arouri

Affiliation of authors: World Bank; WTO Chair-University of Tunis; National Institute of Statistics, Tunisia.

JEL-Classification: D22

Keywords:  High-Growth Firms, Entrepreneurship, Tunisia 

Note: Background paper for “High-Growth Firms Facts, Fiction, and Policy Options for Emerging Economies.“ World Bank Report