Trade policy course

The WCP seeks to support the development and delivery of short trade policy courses for professionals that lasts four days at most:

[1]  The 1st Trade Policy Course took place at Tunis Business School in September 2015. The program can be found here.

[2] The 2nd Trade Policy Course was organized on 8/9/10 February. The program can be found here.

[3]  The 3rd Trade Policy Course was held at the Hotel Lac Leman in Tunis on September 15-16th, 2016. The course is presented by Dr. Lota Dabio Tamini, Professor at Laval University. He holds the Egg Industry Economic Research Chair, Director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in International Trade and Investment (CISITI)  and Director of the PhD Program in Agricultural Economics. Dr. Tamimi’s research Focuses on behavior economics, international agricultural trade, and natural resource and environmental economics.

The main topic of the course is the “gravity models”. Click here for more information.

[4] The 4th Trade Policy Course at TBS was organized during May 11-12-13​, 2018. Dr. Hendrik Kruse from Gottingen University gave an intensive course on advanced gravity models using STATA for junior (master and PhD students) and senior researchers. The main topics can be found here.

Trade Policy Course is delivered for master and PhD students at ESSECT, University of Tunis.