Peer-reviewed journals

Peer-reviewed journals 2015

1.  Name of publication:  International Economics  Date of publication: 2015 Type of publication: peer-reviewed journal Title: The role of sectoral FDI in promoting agricultural production and improving food security...

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Peer-reviewed journals 2016

1.  Name of publication: The Journal of International Trade and Economic DevelopmentDate of publication: February 2016Type of publication: Peer reviewed journalTitle: Differentiation, labor market and globalizationAuthors: Hili A., Lahmandi-Ayed R., Lasram...

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Peer-reviewed journals 2017

1.  Name of publication: World Bank Economic Review Date of publication: 2016 Type of publication: Peer reviewed journal Title: Are Politically Connected Firms More Likely to Evade Taxes? Evidence from Tunisia Authors: Rijkers, B.,...

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Peer-reviewed journals 2018

1.  Rizk, R. and Slimane, M.B. (2018)*. Modelling the relationship between poverty, environment, and institutions: a panel data study. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 25: 31459 Abstract: The paper examines the...

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Peer-reviewed journals 2019

1.  Chebbi, H. and Olarreaga, M. (2019). Investigating exchange rate shocks on agricultural trade balance: The case of Tunisia. The Journal of International Trade and Economic Development. Abstract: The paper studies the impact of...

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Peer-reviewed journals 2020

1.  Bellakhal, R., Ben Kheder, S. and Haffoudhi, H. (2019). Governance and renewable energy investment in MENA countries: How does trade matter? Energy Economics. Abstract: The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries have...

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