Participation of TBS Student to Model WTO

Participation of TBS Student to Model WTO in St. Gallen

The WTO Chair sponsored the first and second Model WTO at TBS organized by TIMUN TBS. Participating students from all over the country selected the best delegate during the second edition: Haythem Rabti, senior student minoring in International Political Economy (a specialization created by the WTO Chair and an LSE project). The WTO Chair sponsored the participation of Haythem Rabti to Model WTO in St. Gallen in its 21st Edition since 1997.

Model WTO is a one-week simulation of WTO negotiations, taking place at St. Gallen University and the WTO Headquarters in Geneva. 72 high-profile students coming from all over the world will have the chance to participate in this unique event.

During this World Trade Organization model, throughout daily negotiation sessions, the main theme is Trade & investment discussed through 6 different committees:

1. Covered Measures, Principles & Transparency Facilitation

2. Administrative Efficiency & International Cooperation

3. Special and Differential Treatment & Dispute Prevention

4. Corporate Social Responsibility

5. Investment Promotion & Market Access for Investment

6. Investment Protection

International WTO Model in Switzerland

An IPE student, Kais Attia best delegate at the third edition of the WTO Model at TBS, participated in the international WTO Model in Switzerland. His participation is co-funded by the WTO Chair at TBS, TMUN TBS, and WTO Model. The knowledge acquired during this simulation will be useful for the organization of the next WTO Model at TBS and to the next generation.