Mehdi Ben Slimane

Mehdi Ben Slimane received a Master in Economics of Services, Industry, and Innovation from IHEC of Carthage (Tunisia) and a Ph.D. from AGROCAMPUS OUEST Rennes (France) and IHEC of Carthage.

He taught several economics courses at Tunis Business School (University of Tunis). He also was an adjunct professor at International Business School (ISB).

He was a junior research fellow at the World Trade Organization Chair at TBS. Currently, Mehdi is a postdoctoral researcher at the WTO Chair at ESSECT, a member of the Research Laboratory MASE at the University of Carthage, and is an adjunct professor at Carthage Business School (CBS). His research themes include Food Security, Foreign direct investments, firm’s growth, and international trade.

He is also interested in energy and environmental issues. His latest publication is titled ;How internationalization affects firms’ growth in the MENA region?

A quantile regression approach", co-authored with Pr. Leila Baghdadi, published in Economics Bulletin.